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KoneAgria 2021 returns to Tampere! We visited Tampere in 2017 and held the largest KoneAgria exhibition of all time.

Saleswise, we are off to a good start, with most of the large operators already confirmed. Lantmännen Agro will be the main partner of the exhibition with their massive 3000 square stand. We are currently processing the remaining bookings. In total, our current reservations already exceed the total amount of KoneAgria 2019.

Our facilities in Tampere have plenty of room. If you are interested in participating, please contact us for more details!

Please click here to see a full list of confirmed participants.

After conducting extensive surveys to develop our event, we now aim to deliver a comprehensive exhibition featuring a full range of crop, livestock and forestry machines, equipment and services to our visitors.

Tampere was chosen as the venue due to its central location in the middle of grain and cattle Finland. Adequate facilities, excellent connections and a good number of hotels ensure a successful trade fair experience for exhibitors and visitors.

The visitors of the event are industry professionals from all over Finland, who actively develop the business of their farms and forests and invest in them. KoneAgria is also visited by outdoor care and contracting professionals.

For the exhibitor, the trade show offers a cost-effective marketing solution to be visible alongside other key players in the industry.

Join us and let us help you meet your customers!


Facts from KoneAgria 2019 (2017)

Visitor profile

  • 12 575 (15 000) visitors
  • 215 (190) exhibitors
  • Exhibition space 12 343 m² (20 567 m²)

Our visitors usually spend the whole day in the exhibition. Almost 10% of visitors attend on several days. 96% (96%) of visitors would recommend the fair to a colleague. KoneAgria is visited from around Finland.

Visitor’s main production

Livestock farming 44 % (34 %), 5100 visitors

Crop production 32 % (32 %), 4000 visitors


Size                    Row stand/m² Corner stand hinta/m²

4-49 m²             85,00 €/m²       93,50 €/m²

50-99 m²           80,00 €/m²       88,00 €/m²

100-299 m²      75,00 €/m²       75,00 €/m²

For stands over 300m², please contact us.   

We charge an environment and visibility fee of 370 € + VAT from all exhibiting companies. Due date for exhibition space is August 12th 2021.

Stands and structures

Tampereen Messut and its subcontractors offer a full-service package for the construction of the stand and the necessary additional services. Please contact us for more information.

Terms of participation

The terms below apply in addition to the general terms of participation of The Finnish Fair Corporation

Due date for participation fee is August 12th 2021. Due date will be postponed accordingly if needed due to a possible COVID19 situation.

If the fair organizer or the authorities cancel or move KoneAgria 2021 due to corona situation, the exhibitors have the right to a 100% refund or transfer of any exhibition space rent paid for the next event. An environment and visibility fee of 370 € + VAT will be charged from all exhibiting companies.

Co exhibitors sharing your stand will be charged an environment and visibility fee of 370 € + VAT. The exhibitor who has booked the exhibition space is responsible for the participation fees from the joint stand.

The billing surcharge is 20 € / invoice. An invoicing surcharge is charged if the company's contact information is changed or the joint department space rental invoice is shared between several companies.

All prices are subject to current VAT.

Please place your order on time, as prices will go up a month before the event.

Map of the fairgrounds

The fair has halls A, C, D and E as well as outdoor areas next to the main entrance.


Please feel free to contact me!






Leo Potkonen
+358 45 665 8577


Information and terms subject to change.